Positive Mind, Positive Move

One of the most interesting aspects to being a military spouse is getting to move every few years. While the actual moving process can be a pain in the rear, it can be exciting to go somewhere new and learn all about a new area. There are new places to explore, new restaurants to discover, and new people to meet. Don’t get me wrong, moving can also suck. Leaving behind friends, favorite restaurants, and that perfect hairdresser it took forever to find are all crappy parts of the moving process. But the most important thing is your mindset. You have to pump yourself up before you go and when you first arrive. Whether you are moving as a military spouse or just to move for your own job or your spouse’s, it is important to have a healthy and positive mindset.

Before you move, I highly recommend joining Facebook groups about your new area. I had never really joined a lot of Facebook groups until I was stationed in an area I knew absolutely nothing about and I discovered just how incredibly helpful they can be. Not only did it introduce me to people, but it provided me a plethora of information about where to go to eat, where not to get my hair done, and the best hole in the walls. The groups also gave me a place I could ask any questions about the area and everyone always had an opinion or a story about their own experiences to share. You can find out about neighborhoods, schools, dog parks, all before you even set foot in your new town. It is also a good way to help get yourself excited about the upcoming move.

Once you arrive at your new duty station it can be easy to constantly compare it to your previous one and focus on all the ways it falls short. But you know what that does? Nothing. Nothing at all except make it harder to adjust. Moving is hard. There is no need to make it even harder by only focusing on the negative. Every move requires a small mourning period, and it is healthy to do so, but it is just as important to then say “okay, that’s enough, time to find out all the best things about living here.” I have seen so many wives post on Facebook, bashing their new home because the Mexican restaurants aren’t as good, or they can’t get Chipotle and will therefore diiiiiie and their lives are oooover. It always makes me sad to see these kind of posts as I feel these folks aren’t giving their new home the chance it deserves. Every place is different. I have lived in many different states and each one has their own wonderful little hidden gems – you just have to get out there and find them. If you only ever wish you were back at a previous station, or home, you will never be fully happy in your new place. And the military provides us with the excellent opportunity to explore not only this amazing country, but the world as well. You just have to get out there and take advantage. You will find a delicious restaurant. You will find an amazing hairdresser. And you will get to see all the beauty there is outside of your own bubble and add it to your memories, your sense of self, and your corner of the sky.



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