So Over Today

Today’s post is about having one of those days. You know the ones. They start off bad and just go downhill. From running late, to ripping your favorite sweater, and then dropping the groceries, and then smacking your head on the fridge because you opened it in a burst of anger, and then the dog throws up, and then you finally get some “me” time at the gym and you fall off the treadmill in front of the super fit yoga moms and sailors, and that is just it. You are done. Or at least I was after all this happened the other day. Totally done with the day and ready to just curl up on the couch for six days and not move.

 I’m fuming. Everything about the drive home is making me cranky. “Could this Toyota drive any slower?” “Oh great, now I missed the green light, thanks a lot Toyota!” “Why is my AC so loud?” “I hate this song – stupid shuffle option on the stupid phone that I can’t stupid reach.” I finally get home and my poor dogs are so excited to see me and I let them out without really acknowledging their joy and slam the door once they come back in, throw my wallet and keys on the counter because I can’t be bothered hanging them up and flop down on the couch. I fall over and burrito myself in a fuzzy blanket. I am floating in this cranky aura, totally covered in it and at this point since “life is stupid and nothing will be good ever again” I am almost enjoying the cranky mood. Just letting it wash over me. Thinking about the stupid vanity license plates I saw and borderline enjoying the unjustified anger I feel at them. You know this mood. When you are so put out and done with the day that the cranky frustrations almost become enjoyable. It is a weird mood that is incredibly difficult to explain to those who don’t get that way. 

So there I am. Happy to wallow in my bad mood. Blanket pulled over my face. When suddenly there is a chuffing in my ear. And it moves down my head. Onto my face. Along my jaw. Back into my hair. Then a frustrated snort. And I slowly peel the blanket back and one of my dogs is standing over me, investigating the angry caterpillar that has invaded her side of the couch. And then she breaks into a grin when she sees it is mommy and proceeds to lick my entire face in one wet swoosh. 

I can’t help it. I burst out laughing. And the mood is broken. I pull her into my arms for a big hug and enjoy the wiggles. I leash them up and take them for a nice long walk that all three of us desperately need. We watch the sun go down over the ocean. Or I do, they are happily off leash running along the water’s edge, eating grass and peeing on rocks. I watch them frolic and am suddenly so overwhelmed with gratitude for that first little snuff in my ear. 

I enjoy a good “bad mood indulgence” as much as the next person and I think they are a wonderful tool to utilize when having a bad day. As long as they don’t become the only way of coping or last longer than one evening. After all, life is life and it isn’t always perfect in our corner of the sky. 


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