Hello! This page is for all the non-military affiliated spouses who may need a little translation when I speak in acronyms. This page will be updated along with the blogs.

Orders – That special packet of information that is the official announcement of where you will be moving to next.

Duty Station – Where you are assigned to live and work.

Detailer – The one who decides where everyone goes next. It is a special tour and not a permanent job, so the detailers often change. Each detailer is assigned a certain group of people who will be moving jobs around the same time and he looks to see what jobs will be opening up and then assigns each job to each person. The sailor is given the list of jobs available and then emails the detailer his preferences on type of job and locations and any extenuating circumstances the detailer should take into account, such as, “my child has special needs and needs to stay in this area for school,” or “my mother is ill and I am taking care of her and need to stay in this area,” or “my wife will leave me if I get orders to Guam,” etc.

FRG – Family Readiness Group. A group that is run by a board that fundraises and plans activities for families of sailors such as dinners out, paint nights, etc. It meets once a month and is also an opportunity for dissemination of information about the boat or ship’s schedule.

LES – Leave and Earning Statement. This is usually found online or at PSD and provides the information on how many days of leave a sailor has earned as well as a break down of what pay he should be receiving.

PSD – Personnel Support Detachment. An office that is meant to provide assistance to the sailor and his family but can often be a very unorganized and surly group of people. Most people only go to PSD as a last measure.MilSpouseTip: always have a Power of Attorney when going to PSD no matter what because sometimes they will ask for one even if the last time they didn’t.

Fast Attack Submarine – A type of submarine with absolutely no set schedule that could be in for one week then out for one month then in for two months then out for five weeks. Usually deploys for around six months at a time. A lot of guys like them because they do the cool stuff.

Boomer Submarines – Many wives prefer Boomers because they have a set schedule of how many months in and how many months out that stays fairly regular. They are mostly involved in surveillance work. At least that is what my husband has told me when he said he prefers Fast Attacks.


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